the biggest and longest adventure ever

My biggest and longest adventure has come to an end. Unfortunately it ended a little earlier than planned, due to new Indian Tourist Visa regulations, but it is wonderful to be home. I have missed out on a few key Indian experiences like visiting the Taj Mahal (is there anyone else in the world who has been to India and not seen the Taj?), sailing down the Ganges or visiting the ashram that the Beatles went to in the 60s, but that just means that I will get to go back to India next year.

And when I think about the experiences I did have over the past seven months….wow. Hiking through the Himalayas, flying through the tree tops in Chiang Mai, diving in the Red Sea, floating on the Dead Sea, living with a Nepali family, working in a Nepali health clinic, bathing an elephant, chanting with monks in a monastery, hearing the Dali Lama speak, visiting the Pyramids on new years day, being in Petra for my birthday, getting to know the locals on the Indian trains, being part of countless Hindu festivals, spending time with the slum women of Bangladesh, sleeping under the stars in the deserts of Egypt and Jordan, and I could go on forever with the amazing things I have done and will never forget.

So, my blog is at it’s end as the reality of work and normal life is nowhere as exciting as a travel adventure. Hopefully the blog will start up again one day when I’m back on the road, until then, thank you all for tuning in. Now I will tune out xx


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  1. Chris said,

    February 12, 2010 at 9:38 am

    great! 🙂

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